2017 Annual Conference Schedule

Go Baptize the World

Matthew 28:16-20

(this is a working schedule and is not the final version)



Thursday, June 22    
3:00 Executive Session of Clergy Members  
Friday, June 23    
7:00 Prayer Service, Memorial Chapel  
10:30 Opening Worship  
12:00 Lunch Recess  
1:30 Conference Plenary – Opening Business Session  
3:00 Break  
3:30 Order of the Day: Recognition of Retiring Clergy  
4:30 Conference Plenary-Business Session  
      Conference Board of Pensions and Health Benefits Report  
      Conference Board of Trustees Report  
5:30 Dinner Recess  
7:30 Worship Service: Commissioning of Provisional Members  
Saturday, June 24    
7:00 Prayer Service, Memorial Chapel  
8:30 Order of Morning Prayer  
8:45 Annual Meeting of the Membership of the UM Foundation of WNC  
9:15 Conference Plenary-Business Session  
      Conference Council on Finance and Administration Report  
10:30 Break  
11:00 Worship Service – Celebration of Life  
12:15 Lunch Recess  
2:00 Conference Plenary-Business Session  

    Committee on the Episcopacy Report

     Board of Laity Report

 3:15  Break  




3:45 Conference Plenary-Business Session  

Report of Crossnore School – The Children’s Home   

Resolutions and Petitions

5:30 Dinner Recess  
7:30 Worship Service – Ordination of Deacons and Elders  
Sunday, June 25    
7:00 Prayer Service, Memorial Chapel  
10:00 Closing Worship Service and Holy Communion