The offerings will be taken at annual conference during Opening Worship (Friday morning) and Closing Worship (Sunday morning).

Churches are encouraged to take an offering, do a fund-raiser, or request money from the missions budget and bring it with them to conference. Checks can be mailed directly to the conference at P. O. Box 18005, Charlotte, NC 28218. Please make checks payable to “WNC Treasurer” and put ENDOW F-TECC or MEF offering in the memo line.

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Opening Worship


Despite the complex nature of the work done by pastors, access to theological education varies greatly across our connection. In the central conferences: Africa, Europe, and the Philippines, obtaining a theological education can be very difficult.

General Conference has recognized the need and approved short-term funding for immediate support. However, a long-term solution is required. The most cost-effective and sustainable method for strengthening theological education in the central conferences is an endowment fund. The Endowment Fund for Theological Education in the Central Conferences (Endow F-TECC), was created as a permanent solution by the Council of Bishops and will support:

• Theological education of local pastors
• Theological education of candidates for ordained ministry
• Continuing theological education of clergy
• Scholarships for theological education (on all levels including postgraduate studies)
• Development of infrastructure for theological education (literature and other resource
material, libraries, networking among institutions, exchange of professors, etc.)
• Support and promotion of new promising avenues in theological education

Closing Worship


The Ministerial Education Fund is the basic financial source for preparing and educating clergy leadership for The United Methodist Church. In 1968, General Conference established the fund because, without a strong denominational family of theological schools, there is no way to educate and develop deacons, elders, and local pastors in the Wesleyan tradition who can preach, teach, and model the gospel amid the complexities of life.

Through the MEF apportionment, The Western North Carolina Conference Board of Ordained Ministry gives scholarships to students from the conference who attend United Methodist seminaries or seminaries approved by the United Methodist University Senate.

Your offering at conference will allow Western North Carolina students to receive increased scholarship funds in the 2017-2018 academic year. Churches and members are encouraged to support seminary students from their congregations. Support can be given in many ways: Write letters, send cards, and use social media to offer words of encouragement. Send a care package during exam week. Do a fund-raiser to help with books, housing, and food costs. Help with childcare or take a meal to students with families. Spend time with the student during semester break to hear about their studies and provide support. The ideas are endless!

Since 1970, more than $510 million has been raised for the Ministerial Education Fund. We celebrate more than 42 years of the church’s continual apportionment support for clergy leadership development.