AC2017 Display applications will be received until April 14th

Applications for Annual Conference Displays are being received now and until April 14, 2016.

Download (and read) the instructions for 2017 Displays before filling out the application.

Purpose of Conference Displays

Displays connect conference members to groups who have information to share about their ministry. Displays are provided to encourage conference members to learn more about the resources that are available through the wide variety of agencies and ministries in the conference and beyond.

The basic process:

  • We will receive applications until 12:00 PM, April 14, 2017/late applications will not be guaranteed an opportunity to participate in 2017
  • We will begin sending out confirmations by email that we have received your application after March 1, 2017
  • You will be notified soon after April 14th (by email) if you will be assigned a space at Annual Conference (or if your application was rejected)
  • We will notify everyone who has been assigned  a space at Annual Conference where their space is located around the week of May 1, 2017 (along with final set-up directions)